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FirstTel and WikyTV5 have been amalgamated for increased marketing and development of our communication services and will provide broadcasting under FirstTeltv5.

FirstTel operates FirstTeltv5 for Wikwemikong Development Commission and Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve.

FirstTeltv5 acts as the Wikwemikong community bulletin, informing community members with local news, events and various video productions on a local channel.

Current services and their associated costs are listed below:

Professional Video Camera Operator $60 per hour.
Audio-Visual Soundman Technician: $30 per hour.
SFX Digital Video Editing Computer Suite: $80 per hour.
SFX A/V Trained Engineering Technician: $60 per hour.
Audio - Video - Lights - Equipment Use: $20 per hour.
Script Writing-Storyboard Creations: $30 per hour.
Translation Services -(languages or subtitling): $30.per hour.
All Video formats-Transfers to DVD or 8mm film to DVD:
(Depending how long it takes to Transfer.)
$10, $20, & $30 per hour.
Audio cassette to CD Transfer: $10, $20. $30. per hour.
Video-Audio Researching: Reviewing $10, $20 per hour.

Priority prime time broadcast coverage on FirstTeltv5 Community Channel for your Video production is $1.00 per minute.